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Pests are a pain to deal with. Whether you’re dealing with insects, rodents, or any other critter that’s infesting your home or business, it can be a struggle and a headache to get rid of them. That’s why if you’re ever in need of pest control services in Fate, TX, there’s only one place to call: T-Rex Pest Control. When you need us most, we’ll be there to provide superior commercial pest control services that you can trust.

Quality Pest Control—Unmatched Professionalism


As native Texans, we understand how hard it can be to keep pests at bay in our area. But, from little critters like ants and mosquitos to larger, scarier pests like rodents and spiders, you can count on us to take care of them and more. Each type of pest comes with its own kind of control method, and we have the experience and tools to tackle it all.

But it’s not just about getting the job done right that matters to us—it’s ensuring that we do it with professional courtesy and respect. The T-Rex Pest Control crew understands that pest control can be a stressful process, and we strive to make it as painless and stress-free as possible. We know that our job is to help you get your life and business back on track, and we are dedicated to making sure you have peace of mind when it comes to our pest control services in Fate, TX.

Our Pest Control Process

At T-Rex Pest Control, we use a four-step, holistic approach to pest control known in the industry as integrated pest management (IPM). That process looks a bit like this:

Inspect: During each visit, your pest control professional will conduct a thorough inspection of the home or business to identify the source of any pest infestations and create an action plan to resolve the issue.

Implement: The next step will be to implement our plan of action and customized solutions, which will include targeted pest-control treatments and the use of environmentally-friendly pest control solutions.

Monitor: Once we’ve implemented our pest-control solution, we’ll monitor the progress, ensuring that any pests have been eliminated, the infestation is under control, and the odds of them returning are minimal.

Communicate: Communication is key to expedient pest control services in Fate, TX. At every step of this process, our pest control professionals will ensure that you are informed and kept in the loop on all developments—with a transparent paper trail to document every step.

Safe & Secure

Trust is the most important part of any home and commercial service—especially when it comes to pest control in Fate, TX. That’s why we keep a small team of trustworthy and experienced pest control professionals who understand the importance of privacy and discretion. Moreover, each member of our crew undergoes an annual background check so you can rest easy knowing that your home or business is in safe hands.

Licensed & Insured

In order to provide you with the best pest control services in Fate, TX, we are fully licensed and insured. This means that all of our treatments and services come with a guarantee that every T-Rex Pest Control professional is licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture. We do this not only to prove to ourselves that we’re the best of the best but also to ensure that you can have peace of mind.

Certified & Trained

We want to ensure that every pest control specialist we send out on a job is up-to-date on the latest methods and treatments and able to respond to any situation. That’s why our employees train for a minimum of 160 hours during their first month and are required to complete continued pest control education throughout the year. So when you choose T-Rex Pest Control, you’re choosing the best in integrated pest management.

Fast & Easy Communication

As we already said, communication is vital. As such, we make sure that all communication is handled personally, one-on-one, with a pest control professional. That way, you can be sure that your questions and concerns will always be addressed promptly and accurately. No more long hold lines or being transferred from one department to another—getting ahold of us is fast and easy!

Service Guarantee

Here at T-Rex Pest Control, we stand behind our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your pests return, we’ll be back at no additional charge—ensuring that you’re always safe and secure from pests of all kinds.

Unmatched Pest Control in Fate, TX

Don’t settle for some pest control company with no experience or certifications. When you need pest control in Fate, TX, trust our outstanding team here at T-Rex Pest Control! The safety and health of your home and businesses should never be taken for granted—and the best way to ensure that is with our bi-monthly pest control services.

Single treatments and one-time services are certainly available, but with our bi-monthly service, you get the most comprehensive protection for your home or business. With bi-monthly pest control services, we can ensure that your property is free of pests and that any recurrence is quickly taken care of—free of charge, thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Pest Control Services We Offer

Whether you’re looking for commercial pest control in Fate, TX, or residential services, our team is here to help handle any kind of pest that may be causing you trouble on your property. For many people, our bi-monthly services are focused on mosquitoes and wasps, but we also offer comprehensive treatment options for the following critters:

  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Fire ants
  • Spiders
  • Rodents
  • Bed bugs
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes
  • Stinging pests
  • Earwigs
  • Crickets
  • Beetles
  • And more!

No matter what type of pests you face in your home or business, T-Rex Pest Control is just a call away to help you figure out the best and most effective way to handle it. Our team will promptly arrive at the infested property, address the situation, and provide you with a clear and honest cost estimate on a variety of services that can help resolve your pest problem.

Furthermore, we offer affordable and competitive prices on all of our pest control services in Fate, TX, as well as a complimentary $50 on your initial treatment! That’s because it’s not just about offering products and services that really work—it’s about giving Texas homeowners and business owners the respect and quality work that they deserve. That’s the T-Rex Pest Control Way!

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