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We want to ensure the best and safest possible service to protect you, your family, and all the four legged family members. That’s why at T-Rex Pest Control, we will always start with a green approach to all your pest related needs. After our comprehensive initial service, we can manage insect activity from the outside, which means less pesticides in your home. If you should need the inside treated as well, we will treat inside at no additional charge. We understand convenience matters, let us solve your pest control needs today.

Safe & Secure

Trust is the most important part of any home service. That’s why we keep a small team of trustworthy professionals that all undergo annual background checks so you can rest easy.

Licensed & Insured

All T-Rex services pros are licensed through the Texas Department of Agriculture. We are insured for your peace of mind.

Certified & Trained

Our employees train for 160 hours during their first month and complete continued education throughout the year to ensure you get the most up to date integrated pest management.

Fast & Easy Communication

Communicate one on one with your service pro. No long hold lines or being transferred around. We make it easy to get a hold of us.

What Can We

Help You With?

Ant Control in Fate, TX

Ant Control

Ants are the number one most common household pest. They enter your home in search of food and often appear at the most inconvenient time. Treatment can vary depending on what type of ants are invading your home. With over 250 different species in Texas, it is important to select the best methods to keep them out of your home. Rest assured we will take care of those pesky ants and keep them out!

Cockroach control in Fate, TX

Cockroach Control

Nothing is more unsettling than seeing roaches in your kitchen or bathroom. Cockroaches vary in size from a half inch to a startling 3 inches. They can enter your home from outside or are often brought into your dwelling on cardboard materials. Given time, cockroach populations can develop chemical resistances and become difficult to control. Our holistic approach targets cockroaches from multiple fronts and breaks down their life cycle so you can rest easy.

Rodent Control in Fate, TX

Rodent Control

Ever seen a flash of gray in the corner of your eye, only to find small black droppings and no sign of what left them behind? You guessed it. You probably have a rodent problem on your hands. Rats and mice carry many diseases and can cause hefty property damage. In the US alone, rodents contribute to 20 billion dollars of damage to homes, businesses, and agriculture. We do more than simply catch mice. We make your home rodent proof. Call us for a free quote today!

Spider control in Fate, TX

Spider Control

Spiders are a very common pest here in Texas, and one of the most feared. Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and it affects somewhere between 3-6% percent of people worldwide. When you put together that they have eight eyes, eight legs, and two big fangs, it’s easy to see why. Some spiders are also dangerously venomous and even fatal, such as black widow and brown recluse spiders. Spiders need food and shelter to survive, so we do our best to eliminate both of those. We control spiders at the source and remove any incentive for them to return.

bee and wasp control in fate tx

Stinging Insect Control

Getting stung by a bee or wasp stinks. Did you know 5-8% of people are affected by insect sting allergies? There are many different types of stinging pests in Texas that behave in different ways. Our trained entomologists can tell you exactly what insects you are dealing with and solve the problem.

We believe in the preservation of native bees and honey bees. Contact us today for a free inspection so we can safely remove any stinging pests.

Bird control in Fate, TX

Bird Control

Birds can carry vectors for many diseases and become unsightly pests, leaving droppings in and around your home. We offer proven bird management solutions to best serve you. We do it all, including netting, optical gel, spikes, and solar panel exclusion. Contact us today for your custom bird control service.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control

Our experienced team can handle any of your wildlife needs using the most humane and eco-friendly methods available. We offer exclusion services to keep pests out as well as trapping services for a variety of wildlife including: racoons, squirrels, opossums, and more. Contact us for your free wildlife inspection today.

Mosquito control in Fate, TX

Mosquito Control

Everyone knows mosquitoes are annoying pests that can ruin your backyard event in a heartbeat, but how bad are they really? Mosquitos cause more human suffering than any animal on the planet. According to the world health organization, mosquito bites result in the death of more than one million people every year. At T-Rex Pest Control, we use the most modern and effective methods to control mosquitoes at your property. We implement a green approach to mosquito control to protect you and the environment.

Our Process

At T-Rex Pest Control we use a four step, holistic approach to pest control known in the industry as integrated pest management (IPM).

Inspect: Each visit your service pro will conduct a thorough inspection to solve and prevent pest problems.

Implement: Implement custom solutions to your specific needs based on inspection and feedback.

Monitor: We monitor for pests and make sure they do not return.

Communicate: Communication is key in expedient pest reduction. At each service we communicate with staff and provide written notes.

Green Mosquito Control

How It Works

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