About T-REX

John and Shayne are native Texans who began their friendship in high school. Since then, John earned his Bachelor of Science in entomology from Texas A&M and found his passion in pest management. Shayne contracted in the medical field for electrodiagnostic testing and marketing, and has since immersed himself in the pest control industry.

Recognizing the harm of harsh chemicals and methods implemented by many other companies, John and Shayne made it their mission to use the most environmentally friendly approach to pest control. With a combined eight years of experience, they formed T-Rex Pest Control to provide a safer solution to protect the places you live, work and play.

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T-Rex Pest Control

As a local company, we understand that pest control needs are ever-changing. Our response to those changes is expedited so you will not encounter long corporate holds. Your requests will be directly responded to by our team, not sent to an automated line. We know and care for the area we grew up in, and we care about your home just as much as we care about ours.

Our values set us apart from other companies as we do not view our clients as merely that – we view our relationship with our customers as a partnership.

We developed an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program and tailored it to best serve your pest control needs. Unlike the majority of other local pest control companies, we have entomologists on staff at all times to ensure an effective solution is provided.

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